Covid-19 Pandemic: How to Keep Your Kids Entertained from the Comfort of Your Home

The pandemic came rushing down on the entire world like a tsunami and before anyone could do anything, lives dropped like leaves in fall. Country heads watched as the virus kept snatching breaths out of the lungs of its populace. All anyone could do was hide behind a face mask and wash hands vigorously every time they touched anything or anyone.


The Covid-19 pandemic hit hard on the world, that apart from people losing loved ones, many companies had to shut down totally or partially because of the lockdown imposed by governments worldwide. You can find an array of companies still operating even with the pandemic still in operation, on NorskeAnmeldelser.

The lockdown created a fuss about how people spent their time indoors, especially for countries hit hard by the virus. Many found it boring and complained, while others found interesting ways of making the most of their time at home. The population most hit by this boredom is children. Staying indoors for a long time spanning weeks and even months was totally new for them. No more fun days at the playground or slumber parties at classmates’ houses. This became a nightmare they faced daily.

Parents struggled to find fun ways to make staying indoors interesting and exciting for their children. Some were successful and some not so successful. For suggestions on some great stuff to use with kids, check CDON.

Here are some fun ways to keep your kids entertained from the comfort of your home.

1. Picture Time

A picture speaks a thousand words and is a keeper of memories. Now that everyone is at home, it’s a great time to bring out old pictures and show the kids you looked in those old school attires. Tell stories about each picture.

2. Joke Time

Gather around and share stories about who did what, where, and when. Relieve old fun incidents in the past and crack up each other. Mothers could share stories of how children were born and fathers could add theirs too. Older siblings can join too. The idea is for the entire family to share funny stuff about situations that they have had either as individuals or as a family.

3. House Cleaning Time

This could be a wonderful time to clean the house from top to bottom. And who is in a  better position to help than the kids? You could start together with them from one part of the house. Or you could apportion parts to each kid to do. Ensure you put intervals for resting and snacking on some finger foods. Also, a good way to talk with them.

4. Dancing

How about showing off each other’s dance steps? Kids often think their parents aren’t that cool, so this is a good time to show them those cool moves of yours. Take the spotlight away from you and put it on them.

One good thing this Covid-19 lockdown has given to families is the opportunity to bond and tighten this bond. The activities above are fun ways parents can engage their kids and make staying indoors not so boring.