Email Marketing Metrics You Need to Know

Everything takes time to master; the same applies to email marketing.

As you run email marketing campaigns, you would learn the best practices by committing mistakes and overcoming hurdles.

Howbeit, the best practices alone will not guarantee you a successful result. It would be best if you had a good understanding of all your efforts and outcomes.

Before you launch your email campaign, you should identify your goals and then see how you are going to measure success or engagement.

This article will give you some idea about the key metrics you must track in your email campaigns.

Bounce Rate

When you are running an email marketing campaign, it’s significant that you know about your campaign’s bounce rate.

You should measure the bounce rate against the email open rate to get a better understanding of the quality of your prospect list.

If you notice a high bounce rate, then it could be due to your email list. Your email list may contain irrelevant audiences, fake email addresses, or incorrect email addresses.

You can avoid such errors in the email addresses by using the email extractor to find email addresses.

What’s the right way to find email addresses?

I would recommend using an email lookup tool to find email addresses of your prospects. is an ideal email search tool to locate the correct email format of anyone on this globe within a fraction of seconds.

It carries out this search process with the person’s first name, last name, and company domain name.

With such a tool, you can build a quality email list and reduce the bounce rate.

Email Open Rate

Email open rate is a significant KPI that helps you to understand how well your prospects are receiving your email.

By knowing the email open rate, you would get an idea of how many prospects opened the email.

And if the email open rate is low, you need to check the factors that have lead to this. It could be because of your subject line, or the content is not engaging or irrelevant.

Click-Through Rate

Like email open rate, a CTR also reveals how well your campaign is doing.

CTR lets you know the number of people that have clicked on the links in your email.

Your click-through rate would generally be lower than the email pen rate. For most of the campaigns, the average CTR is four percent.

By incorporating some promising approaches, you can increase your click-through rate. For example, place the links in prominent places and add an eye-catching CTA button to entice your recipients to click and avail of the offer.

Besides this, you should track the number of unsubscriptions, prospect list growth rate, spa reports, email share rate, engagement rate, etc.

Final Thoughts

These are some essential metrics you should track. Your metrics will help you with valuable data to understand the user activity.

In your upcoming campaigns, you can use these metrics to measure the overall success along with any actions you need to take to adjust your strategy.