Fortnite: What to Expect in Season 3 Competitive?


Fortnite Chapter 2 had an amazing end with Season 2 closing event recording one of the highest turnouts of viewers across streaming platforms. With the advent of Season 3, Epic Games has released a list of ‘What to expect in Season 3 Competitive?’

An official article has been published on the Epic Games Website by the developers which include new rules and enforcement policies. Especially after Fortnite’s successful decision to broadcast its FNCS Invitational with a remote, socially distanced production team due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been decided that this season’s FNCS tournaments will be broadcasted in the same way.

Each season of FNCS broadcast will now contain more Competitive-themed Twitch drops which players would be able to grab in-game. According to the Developers, this will help achieve “better support community-led viewing experiences”.

The new policies of handling Fortnite season launches and new items haven’t changed this season:

  • The core playlists and Arena will contain the same items.
  • All new items will be evaluated over a two-week period. This will be done to add value to competitive gameplay. During this period, Arena and Tournament pool will not have the items.
  • In some rare cases, items can also be changed during a season.

These policies only apply to items. They are not applicable to map changes or environment updates.

New guidelines for competitive play are as follows:

  • Whether you’re a new or returning player to Fortnite Competitive, we encourage everyone to make sure they understand our rules for competitive play”, Devs say.
  • The event eligibility policy has been updated. If a player breaks an official rule, it can result in a ban from competitive for 30-days or longer. The player will also become ineligible to play in the following season’s FNCS or other pinnacle events.
  • Multiple accounts cannot be used by a player to participate in the same session’s tournament. In other words, a player cannot restart the tournament from a new account.
  • Instances of “smurfing”(using an account with a lower level to gain an advantage in matchmaking) in the cash cups at the arena level (a new addition featured in this season) will result in actions against the main as well as smurf account.
  • Players with questionable, obscene, or vulgar display names will be disqualified from current events. They will also become ineligible for FNCS depending on the severity and repetition of rule breaking.

These are the new policies and guidelines which have been officially released by the Fortnite developers. The new policies and guidelines will be put into effect from Season 3.