How to Unlock the Best Weapons in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is all about discovering newer, better guns spread across the planetary system. To get these guns, be aware of the tactics for Destiny 2 weapon unlocks. There are already several excellent weapons in the game, ranging from Legendary guns to highly wanted Exotics, gained mainly by performing specific goals. You’ll have an abundance of new weapons at your disposal now that Beyond Light, Destiny 2’s massive expansion pack, has been released. Let’s look at the variety of different and unique weapons in Destiny 2 to comprehend the weapon better unlock techniques.

Most players prefer to use Destiny 2 boosting services to acquire their selected weapon to assist them. It also gives the user several matches to help them in their progress in the game. During competition seasons, players can win more levels. As a result, a gamer who does not know about boosting to unlock weapons in Destiny 2 is not wise. The methods for unlocking the guns in Destiny 2 are listed below.

Ways to Unlock the Best Weapons in Destiny 2

Suros Regime

You can receive this exotic engram by completing various tasks and defeating enemies. Suros Regime is the Powerful Engrams you get for reaching weekly milestones: complete missions and defeat adversaries to access the suro regime.

Night Watch

You can unlock this scout rifle by completing a few tasks in New Light, then purchase the scout riffle Night Watch from Shaw Han. If you haven’t completed many missions but still want to unlock the weapons, boosting services can assist you. It is boosting services that aid in the advancement of your rank and gameplay.

Chroma Rush

It is a seasonal weapon obtained via completing the Override activity, opening Splicer Reputation packages, completing Weekly Challenges, or decrypting specific, and focused Umbral Engrams. In the Prismatic Recaster, players can unlock Focuses by completing specified Triumphs. The Splicer Armory or Splicer Captain’s Armory are the focuses you want to unlock for Chroma Rush. If you have not unlocked the Chroma Rush, you can request the weapon from the boosting factory.


On Io, there’s a mission named Sacrilege. After you’ve completed it, the game will instruct you to speak with Asher Mir, a warlock vendor at The Rupture. He’ll give you three exotics when you talk to him, one of which is the Sunshot. Sunshot is a quest reward available during the Red story campaign.


In Destiny 2, this weapon is one of the easier Exotics to obtain. You must clear a sequence of events and finish the strikes to accomplish the Pain and Gain quest stage.

The quest will now be marked as Reward once you’ve completed it. Finally, the map will lead you to the Cosmodrome. Kill the adversaries there, and you’ll discover a hidden weapon: the Riskrunner Exotic SMG, which you can try out against some enemies before the task concludes, earning you the Riskrunner Catalyst.

Using the above tactics, you can unlock the best weapons, but you can consult the boosters of boosting services if you feel any difficulty.