Tips to Increase Rank in Dota 2 in 2024


Improving on something that you are pretty good at is attaining the art of mastery. The art of mastering something is very rare because a huge chunk of people learn things moderately not giving it much thought or attention. Even if some of them do pay attention they don’t want to be the best at that thing they just want to be better at it than someone else. That is the sole reason why there is a lot of work and things that you can’t find the master of. For instance, you would find thousands of good workers in construction but you wouldn’t find the master of it easily or you can easily find very good players of a particular sport but you will have a very hard time finding the best player of that sport.

Similarly, we can find some really good players of Dota 2 but you will have a very hard time finding the master of the game. Now I know that some players are considered to be the gods of Dota 2 but that is a talk for another time. To be able to master Dota 2 is next to impossible even getting good at it takes a good amount of time even if you are a highly skilled player in another MOBA you will still have a hard time getting good at Dota 2.

So in this blog, I will try to give you some tips that can help you to get good at the game. These tips can also be helpful if you want to increase your rank. I’ll try to give you the best possible practices, tips, or things to know that can give you an advantage. dota 2 is a decade-old game so the stuff in this blog you might hear off but I assure you that after reading this blog and applying the knowledge it will surely give you a head start in your rank-climbing journey.

Master a Few Heroes:

The first tip is the most basic one but as the quote goes “Master your basics and everything else you will do will rise”. So you should try to master the first few basic heroes in Dota because the game features around 124 heroes and it’s not possible for a new player to know how to play with them or how to counter them. I would suggest you pick up a few masters and learn them instead of picking random heroes every time. What this would do is reduce your horizon of heroes and because of that your learning of the game will be exponential. Which heroes to select is dependent on you and what role you are trying to play in a team. You should try to focus on quality rather than quantity because you will eventually learn to play the heroes so rushing the process will only make things worse and not better.

The easiest way to rank up:

You know that Dota is an incredibly hard game to learn and dominate because there are several in the game that are time-consuming to learn and even more difficult to attempt in real matches and that is why most people get frustrated in the journey of ranking up. If you want to rank up by going on the easiest route then I would suggest you get boosted in Dota 2. Boosting is the easiest and most guaranteed way to rank up.

Watch pro matches and rewatch your gameplay:

The second tip is to simply just rewatch your own games and find out about your mishaps and misjudgments. This would dramatically affect your gameplay and I would explain why. So when you are playing in a match you’re playing your heart out and you are feeling emotional. Now everybody knows that when we make decisions under the influence of emotion we tend to make mistakes. That is why you can make wrong choices or forget crucial info because of that and by rewatching your previous matches you can work on your own mistakes. If you want to get better more quickly and want to rank up then you should also watch tier and tier two tournaments3 and should also look with a keen eye at how the pros are playing. The more you watch the more you implement the better you will get and remember it is a marathon and not a race. So you should take a route with guaranteed success because dota is going to be here for the next decade or so.

Last-Hitting and Farming:

This would be the last tip of the blog. I can go on and on about how to increase or do this and that but in this blog, I will keep things short and brief. So try to do last hitting and farm on the crops of creeps. So you might ask what is the last hit. It is essentially delivery of the final blow on the creeps after that they give you gold and experience which I am sure by now that you know of what both of them do. Perform the last hit and gather as much gold and experience as possible.