Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming Season in LoL

Are you going to try your luck in League of Legends next season? Or are you just wondering how pro gamers prepare for their game? With these tips and tricks League of Legends champions, you too can become a real pro!

1. Decide who will play which role

Similar to other sports, in League of Legends, you have to define who plays what role within the team. If we compare it to football for example someone can excel as a defender, but that does not mean that he will be a good striker.

There are 5 different roles in League of Legends.

  • The Bruiser or Tank plays on the top lane and protects the team from the opposing team.
  • The Jungler fights neutral monsters in the jungle to collect gold and XP. Junglers can also attack from the sides of lanes.
  • The Mage or APC plays on the mid lane and has an offensive role.
  • The sniper or ADC usually plays on the bot lane and tries to do as much damage as possible to the other team.
  • The holder must protect and help the ADC as possible.

For each role, you have to choose from a certain number of champions (characters). Each position has its own responsibility in the game, so make sure you feel comfortable with your choices. This is the only way to function well under pressure.

In the best teams in the world, it often happens that each member specializes in a specific role.


2. Never bet on a champion

There are a number of pick & ban phases in every League of Legends championship. This means that as a team you can decide to temporarily deactivate a specific champion from the other team.

That’s why we recommend that you specialize in a wide selection of champions. In other words, if you’re playing as an APC, it’s best to master the skills of different mages.

A good way to avoid unpleasant surprises: when your favorite champion is put on the bench during the pick & ban phase.

3. Take Advantage of a Boosting Service

League of legend boosting is a great way to start learning from professional players. Boosting services are provided by the professional players to increase your in-game rank but you can use that as an opportunity to learn from them. League of Legend boosting services is not expensive and it will give you so much benefit.

The best thing about League of Legend boosting is that you will be learning new tricks as well as your account level will be boosted.

4. What’s your game plan?

In the offline world, every sports team has a strategy before entering the field or the arena. Well, it’s the same with League of Legends!

Therefore, discuss well with your team how you are going to handle the game. Controlling the pace of the game is one of the essential things in winning faster and smarter. For example, optimally uses the Fighter by plotting the route in advance.

Is the match not going as you expected? Are you encountering unexpected obstacles? So think of a back-up plan and try to turn the tide!

5. Watch League of Legends live streams and match replays

League of Legends relatively new to you? So, it might be a bit early to put in place a strategy from scratch. We also have a handy tip for this.

Cheat – yes, we allow you – with players who are better than you. Observe record and imitate and who knows, you might also be playing the League of Legends Grand Final!

On Twitch, for example, you can find plenty of live streaming and replay of matches from the European Championships.