What Does The Current Meta Look Like in Valorant

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In this article we are going to be going over all of the changes made to Valorant in this patch as well as giving you a tier list with all the best agents for the patch.

Weapon Changes

First things first we need to talk about the weapon changes. We saw a much needed buff to the guardian with its price being reduced from 2500 to 2400, its improved rate of fire was changed from 4.75 to 5.25 rounds per second and the weapon recovery was improved from 0.35 after 0.3 bullets to 2.925 after three bullets.

This change was meant to help players feel better about buying the guardian on those anti-eco or force by rounds and in our opinion, it might just work with these changes. I am hopeful that we will see a whole lot more of the guardian especially in those situations since it can be validated a whole lot more with the price reduction.

Map Rotation Changes

Finally, we are no longer going to have to play split 500 times in a row or always get a cent. I hate split but it seems like 75 of my games have been split but finally we’re getting a fix. This change now makes it so that your last played map is going to be de-prioritized meaning you are much less likely to get it in your following game.



CYPHER has been dominating the game pretty much since release and since riot has not nerfed him since his cage slow update back in patch 0.5. He has been nothing but trouble for anyone flanking pushing A site or just minding their own business. In this matter running a composition without a cipher is asking for trouble when you switch to the defending side his position to solo hold a sight is like no other.


We have the operator god jet even though the nerf to ops in the form of the breach buff back in patch 1.07 did hinder regular operator users it didn’t have any effect on Jett her ability to dash backwards or out of the way from breech’s fault line means that even if the stun does catch her she can simply dash out of the way and wait for the effects to wear off it seems as though unless riot wants to nerf the operator or Jett she will just keep reigning terror in both solo queue and the competitive scene.


With breech’s massive buffs in patch 1.07 he has done nothing but terrorize his opponents. Playing against breech can drive a man insane from being stunned for 40 seconds straight to being flashed from round start to finish his abilities just seem to always be in your face since all of his abilities go through walls he’s pretty much uncountable if played right and on top of that since he has a direct counter to the operator it makes him a must pick in our eyes.


Omen’s ability to smoke from across the map and have great movement abilities with two teleports makes him a fantastic fighter while still having huge team value on top of all that his flash can go long distance through walls and the setups you can do with his flashes are effective and easy to execute making him pretty easy to learn.



Phoenix has been pretty much unchanged for a while now being pretty consistent in theorists even after his healing nerf you get what you get from phoenix and his kit is pretty useful in basically any situation or composition from his flashes to self-healing this man is a monster in solo plays while still having the ability to put up his wall and take a sight with ease.


Sova Silva has been making the rounds in pro play with the most recent tournament blast twitch invitational showing us some great games. A lot of teams including the runners-up fun plus phoenix giving us a lot of reasons to pick Sova for his amazing info gathering abilities.


Raze rounding off the A tier even though Raze did get hit this batch it was not really that big. Her original damage was condensed to 15 with a 0.2-meter central radius falling off to 5 least damage. Once the satchel lands you have to wait 0.5 seconds to enlarge its damage to 50. Shooting the blast back causes it to explode now and will deal the damage it would ordinarily do if given the opportunity to explode.

B Tier


Moving on to the beta we have Valorant newest agent killjoy. You know killjoy is in an interesting place as she was recently nerfed, and many players think that she does not offer anything on certain maps and we kind of agree. But on some maps mainly ascent she can be a monster her ability to hold places and gather information from across the map with her turret is amazing. The fact that she can have as much impact from across the map as she can on the site is great both for her and her team.


Sages fall from grace has been immediate and severe but she’s not all gone just yet the changes to her heel did sting but her wall is now as powerful as ever. As once it transforms and locks into place it takes a while to punch through its 800 health.


Brimstone has not gotten worse so much as his competition has gotten better brimstone has remained for the most part untouched since release but with omen getting buff after buff people just prefer to use the master of shadows over someone who can beam a death ray from the sky. In all seriousness brimstone is very much viable but with a vast majority of smoke players preferring to play omen it is clear to see why he’s so low in tier list.

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